Out in the country at Chick Rotisserie {Phoenix}

Walking into Chick Rotisserie & Wine Bar in Arcadia, Arizona instantly made me feel like I had traveled home to my in-laws out in the farmland. Where you feel relaxed, sunsets go on for miles, rocking chairs on the wooden porch and chickens running across the lawn. Now, of course, there were no chickens running loose, but Chick did not stop just with atmosphere when it came to true cooking, true love and passion.

Chick is  by no means a run of the mill, country kitchen. They have taken the elegance of the country, the quality and passion of ingredients and presented a beautiful relaxing wine and country inspired atmosphere for all us desert dwellers to enjoy.

Each dessert from their  peach cobbler to creme brulee highlighted the true essence in natural flavor allowing the fresh peaches and spiced oranges to entertain your taste buds rather than the weight of added sugar. The creme brulee added a sweet surprise when I snagged a piece of their homemade hazelnut brittle that accents the dish. So unbelievably buttery leaving such a wonderful coating of comfort in my mouth.

The true treat is their Cinnamon Buns glazed with Saigon Cinnamon and Grand Marnier. Each bite was chewy and yet crunchy all at the same time. There was literally a surprise in every bite as I first appreciated the homemade dough and then the hint of orange and with my next bite brought the quality and warmth of the cinnamon. I loved that it was not overly sweet which allowed me to truly enjoy the entire dessert.

Chick has brought country elegance to the city, along with the sweet passion and love presented in every bite.

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