Party Planners need OWG Cocktail Mixes

Listen here all you party planning, party loving, party going people – OWG drink mixes is where the party’s at!

Old World Gourmet {OWG} has taken a concept of specialty drinks and has literally made one of the easiest and best tasting party drink mixes around. Coming in flavors of Blueberry Pomegranate, Peach Bellini, Margarita, Wine Ice, Lemoncillo and Sangria how could you not already be planning a fun gathering just to serve these yummy drinks! Peach Bellini (my favorite) was so delicious I regretted serving it at a party because realistically my taste buds were like, “Party for one – right up in here!”

With the Vino Innovations drink kit, you mix in a bottle of your favorite wine, plus a bit of water and the drink mix and BAM!  Let the Party Begin.

It was so much fun and absolutely delicious I must say – the Vino Innovations by Old World Gourmet was one of my top picks for any of the products I’ve reviewed. I have already recommended it and am planning my next party around these drinks of choice!

Drink up my friends – drink up!

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