Soft Peppermint Candy Puffs

by: Julie

A classic, but a goody. These Soft Peppermint Puffs from Red Bird are perfect for that quick blast of minty freshness. Heading to a meeting? Pop one in, and by the time you get into the office, you’ve got I-just-brushed-my-teeth breath.  Want something softer than a candy cane?  Fill stockings to the rim with these softies.peppermint puffs


Unlike their hard peppermint candy counterparts, these dissolve quickly and won’t chip your teeth if you chomp down on one. You can’t go wrong with peppermint!  Sweet satisfaction in an instant!

peppermint puffs


And you can find them pretty much anywhere throughout the U.S.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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