Perfect Pacifier Holder Case

Elitebaby pacifier holder case

You know what’s sweet? Desserts. You know what’s not? That constant cleaning of those pacifiers that inevitably fall to the ground right when it’s going to be the dirtiest. It’s tough to say if that’s just how it is or if the pacifiers know and take the leap just to show you who’s boss. In any event, they just might have met their match. Meet the EliteBaby pacifier holder case.

Elitebaby pacifier holder case

EliteBaby Pacifier Holder Case

These multi colored pacifier holders are the perfect companions for your warrior bag as you set out to conquer the day. Gone are the days of the dirty paci. When the pacifiers are not in use, they now have a place to live. Just think about the time saved. Oh the wonder.

As if the prospect of all those freed up nights isn’t enough, there’s three in this pack – enough for a full quiver full. The top of the cases link into any backpack strap or the like.

You’ll be in good hands with these. Let us know what you think!

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