PF Changs Dim Sum and Dessert

I was directed by a friend, to run, not walk, to my nearest PF Chang’s China Bistro and demand ask politely (I was hungry, sorry) that I try their Flourless Chocolate Cake Dome.  Not knowing what I was getting myself into, though trusting the taste buds of said friend, I was pleasantly surprised that this China Bistro had an amazing piece (or dome) of cake.   Though I’m a big fan of Asian cuisine, I’ve been a skeptic that they didn’t go much beyond the fortune cookie for dessert.  Lucky for me, I hit the Chinese Jackpot on this one!

This baby was brought to my table, perfectly garnished with fresh berries, and ready to be scooped by my fork.  Unfortunately, I was sharing with my husband (I’m a savor-er, he is a snarf-er), thankfully I got 3-4 luscious bites of that chocolatey dome before he began to lick the plate clean.  This hunk of burning love (the cake, not my husband) was warm, velvety and something I won’t soon forget (and my husband won’t soon be invited back to share with me).

Oh and lucky for my gluten-free friends, it comes in a special GF version of the Flourless Chocolate Dome just for you.  Oh happy day!

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  • December 20, 2011

    Chris Bird

    LOL at your snarf’er comment! I know exactly what you mean. It’s why I refuse to share my desserts any more, or my fries. 😉

    This looks so delicious! We haven’t been to PF Chang’s in a very long time. I’m inspired to visit now!