Pie Face {NYC}

I’ve been called a “pie face” before, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a compliment. But with the installment of its first State-side location, the Australian bakery cafe, Pie Face I don’t think I’ll ever mind being called “pie face” again.

Lamington Cake
Traditional Australian Cake with Raspberry Filling

Located in the heart of the Theater District, Pie Face sits on the corner of Broadway and 53rd offering a take-out option of savory pies, sweet pies, pastries and sandwiches. American, with Australian roots (he lived there since the 80’s), Wayne Homschek saw the niche in New York for easy, delicious and accessible pies … on the go. Better than cupcakes?

The store (which is open 24 hrs.) functions in a carry-out manner, encouraging patrons to eat their pies on the go. About 3 inches in diameter, the pies’ (including flavors like cherry, blueberry, pecan, etc.) “faces” or smiles help determine the flavor. “C” shaped mouth for cherry, “B” for blueberry, etc. Quite clever.

Photo by Ashton Keefe

After being classically trained in the art of butter, sugar and flour (aka I have a pastry degree) I can tell you the butter is real in the crust, the fruit is fresh, and the taste is good. Ranging from $3-4 dollars each don’t let the price deter you, it’s well worth the buck. I guess I am a pie face after all.

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