Pink Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail Recipe by @SparklingICE

You know I love my TEQUILA! Especially when paired with our always favorite Sparkling ICE. Grapefruit is such a signature summer flavor and what better way to kick off the end of summer than with a refreshing tequila mixer – perfect for Labor Day, when everyone’s in denial that summer’s almost over!

Paloma Cocktail Sparkling ICE

Pink Grapefruit Paloma


2 oz blanco or reposado tequila

6 oz Pink Grapefruit Sparkling ICE

1/2 oz lime juice

Salt for rimming


Directions: Rim a collins glass with salt. Fill the glass with ice and add the tequila and lime juice. Top it off with Pink Grapefruit Sparkling ICE.

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