Pinkberry’s Summer Obsession Instagram Contest!


Earlier in the Summer, Pinkberry launched their “Summer Obsession Contest” on Instagram. The rules are pretty simple, and the contest runs until September 1 – Take a picture of the Pinkberry creation that you’ve been craving, upload the picture and recipe to Instagram @pinkberryswirl with the hashtag #mysummerobsession, then sit back and watch as YOUR recipe gets picked to win! (Note – not everyone’s recipe will win. That message was just to those 3 people who are going to win). The top 3 recipes as chosen by Pinkberry’s flavor innovation team will win $1,000, $500, and $250. Time to get creative!


We’ve included 3 examples that are doing well right now and their recipes below. Keep in mind – for your Summer Obsession, the ingredients don’t have to be currently offered at Pinkberry. Just don’t get reckless and throw anything like shark fins in there and you should be ok. So let your imaginations run wild, and get ready to win that money! (Again, only those 3 people we were talking about earlier.)

The Recipes –

Bananas Foster: banana slices, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, original frozen yogurt, caramel sauce.

Pina Colada:  pineapple puree, shredded coconut, coconut frozen yogurt, cherry on top.

 P.B. + J: peanuts, strawberry puree, bananas, nutella, waffle crumble.


Interested in participating? Head over to the official contest page for more info, or check out @pinkberryswirl on Instagram for inspiration!

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