Putting a spin on a classic collation with the Colorado Cookie Company @COCookieCo

The Colorado Cookie Company has the perfect recipe!

  The Colorado Cookie Company has been in business for over 20 years– and for good reason. Owner Deanna Officer knows what it takes to craft the perfect delicacy.  Not only is she an Ovarian Cancer survivor, she is a trailblazer. She also provides Bronco sweet treats to VIP suiteholders. These guilty pleasures not only taste good, but capture the eye.

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  The perfectly decorated frosted cookies delight all the senses! I first tried the high-heel shaped one because it was so cute, I knew it was going to taste good! I was in around Halloween, so of course the ghost, candy corn, and witch hat frosted cookies had been baking. They made the entire shop smell like a slice of heaven. And let’s not leave out the classics the cookie company makes so well, such as the chocolate chocolate chip or M&M. I anxiously tried so many, and left licking my fingers. The gift baskets were so darling, I had to pull out my camera and take a picture. Some were holiday-themed, others were for a birthday celebration or arrival of a new baby. Each were filled with gourmet snacks such as brownies, coffee cakes, and of course, cookies. The ovens in this place must have a “magical setting” because everything was so yummy!

 The Colorado Cookie Company’s claim to fame: “We are a small but fierce group of Colorado Cookie Bakers fighting for freedom and liberty for all, one cookie at a time.” They pride themselves on baking only the finest and freshest treats, and are excited to say they taste as good as they look. Visit coloradocookie.com to see all they have to offer. You can find them in Lakewood, Colorado or at facebook.com/Colorado-Cookie-Company.

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