Refresh yourself with just a SIPP

I’ve been sick ::cough cough:: Oh I know, I know, it’s just going around. But seriously, with two little ones, a hubby and a writing career, I need to be at the top of my game when it comes to wearing the hat of “Mom/Wife/and worker-bee” so when I was feeling a bit under the weather, the perfect package arrived at my doorstep.

SIPP – a sparkling eco beverage with no preservatives, nothing artificial – just pure organic refreshment! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT A MOMMA NEEDS!

Ginger Blossom by SIPP

It was as if the employee’s of SIPP just knew, little ol’ Phoenix writer Jaclyn was feeling under the weather so they went off with their sweet selves and sent me their Ginger Blossom flavor made of Ginger, Lime & Vanilla. (Hello – ginger’s great for tummy’s!)

Ok, ok, so I am by no means promoting this drink as a “only drink it when you’re feeling yucky” type of drink.

THANKFULLY they we’re so gracious and sent me TWO bottles! One for sicky-poo and one for the crazed sweet product loving writer who loves all natural, whole ingredients. Bang! SIPP’s the one!

They have many other flavors that I’m dying to try as well like their Mojo Berry, Honey Pear, Berry Rhubarb and ……wait for it…..Lemon Flower!

This flavorful, refreshing beverage is perfect for a warm summer day or even when your bundled up on the couch and want a burst of natural bubbles. So delish!

Total side note: Their website is “Have a Sipp”.com …. isn’t that adorable? Makes me want to SIPP a bit!

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