Refreshing 4th of July Cocktail from TART Restaurant in Los Angeles!!

Punch bowl PouringWe were SOOO excited to see this new drink from TART Restaurant in our inbox! For those of you who don’t know, LA is a big time weekend brunch town. And being based in LA, this is one of our favorite spots!


Located across the street from the Grove and Farmer’s Market, and attached to the Farmer’s Daughter HotelTART is a delicious Southern-style indoor/outdoor restaurant with AMAZING punchbowls that always seem to brighten our weekend afternoons. (Could it be the alcohol? Maaaaaybe 🙂 )


That’s why we can’t wait to try their new punch bowl, Try The Tea Punch. They mix freshly brewed iced tea, lemon infused vodka, peach nectar, and lemons. You’ll probably recognize the lemon/iced tea combo as an Arnold Palmer, and you may know that adding a little vodka makes it a John Daly. And there’s a reason these drinks are established and named – They’re cool, light, refreshing, and DELISH! The tweaks they’ve added to this classic, such as the peach nectar and infusing the vodka with lemons, make this drink  much sweeter and more smooth. We’ve found at home that infusing citrus fruits into vodka removes the bite both from the vodka AND the citrus, leaving you with a tasty start to any drink.

We’re already clearing next weekend off of our calendar for a visit. Oh…there’s a rumor going around that if you jump in the pool next door fully clothed with your phone, you get your meal for free. We’ve never tried it, but maybe you should?


Interested in visiting TART, or trying your hand at making one of their punchbowls? Check out their Homepage, Facebook, or Twitter feed for more info!

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