Remembering 9/11

13 years ago today, life as we know it changed for everyone. Not just in New York and Washington D.C, not just in the US, but everywhere. It seems like as the years have passed since that day, we’re starting to remember it less and less. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – peoples’ ability to move past tragedies like this and live our lives is one of the many reasons that terrorism won’t win in this world. However, instead of simply forgetting, we think this day should be used as a reminder of the resolve and togetherness that has gotten us through that and many other national tragedies. We think this day should be an opportunity to be great to each other, and actively fight the notion that a few misguided souls can force us to fear or hate.


To that point, we’re listing a few charities below that are working with past and present victims and fighters of terrorism at home and abroad.  If that’s not your style of giving, that’s fine! Instead, go out and make a difference somewhere in your world – talk to someone who’s lonely, feed someone who’s hungry, clean a space that’s dirty. Above all else – Be Sweet!


American Red Cross – General disaster/terrorism relief

Wounded Warrior Project – For those who were injured protecting us

OneFund Boston – For the Boston bombing

Samaritan’s Purse – For Iraqi victims of ISIS brutality

International Rescue Committee – For refugees from wars and terrorism around the world





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