ReOpen :: Tamayo {Denver}

Over 100 tequilas to be had at Tamayo, the newly renovated contemporary “Modern Mexican” restaurant concept, from Richard Sandoval.  That’s over ONE HUNDRED, all lined on a bar that stands over 10 feet tall.  As a mom, the first question out of my mouth is “Who in the heck has to dust all those bottles??”  It stressed me out. As a liquor connoisseur (aka, a drunk, liquor lover, boozer) I was in blue agave heaven.

Dragging me out of the bar, OK  “escorted” me out of the bar for putting my fingerprints all over the freshly shined bottles, I headed to a table with a window seat.  The view of 14th on this sunny day was enough to make me sit and daydream about all those liquors.  Until my liquor daydreams turned into dessert realities when Pastry Chef Omar set down 5 desserts in front of me.  FIVE artistically crafted desserts, with rich Latin American flavors.  They were a food photographers dream, colorful, playful, rich in texture.

And then the taste.  Yes, they might be all pretty, but do they taste good?  Does a Mariachi Band rock the house?  *insert an indubitable, YES!*

Chef Omar’s dessert menu consists of 5 Mexican spins on some pretty traditional comfort desserts.  Tres Leches Bread Pudding, Pastel De Mousse, Tres Chocolates, Empanadas De Plantano, and Piloncillo-Toffee-Date Cake.  

How ever do you pick a favorite when they’re not only this beautiful, but they’re out of this {Mexican} world delicious too?

Newest Member to the team, the Tres Leches Bread Puddingwarm three milk bread pudding / cinnamon ice cream / tres leches creme anglaise / blueberry compote – a welcomed addition to the menu.  Classic bread pudding with a Tres Leches  twist makes this dish creamy, cinnamony, and comforting.

Tamayo Tres Leches Bread Pudding


Pastel De Moussechocolate mousse / chocolate chipotle sauce / peanut butter feuillantine crust / raspberry – The chocolate mousse is infused with creme anglaise making it extremely creamy and smooth.  The feuillantine crust has the perfect peanut buttery crunch balancing out the rich chocolate

Tamayo Pastel De Mousse


Tres Chocolates – flourless brownie / chocolate ice cream / caramel sea salt / white chocolate glaze / blood orange reduction – From now on I believe all brownies should be flourless, just like this one.  A gooey chocolate brownie, atop buttery sea salt caramel.

Tamayo Tres Chocolates



Empanadas De Plantanobanana & mexican cream turnovers / cinnamon creme anglaise / coconut ice cream – Empanadas filled with banana, covered in cinnamon sugar and topped with intensely flavored toasted coconut ice cream.

Tamayo Empanadas De Plantano


Piloncillo-Toffee-Date Cakepiloncillo-toffee-date cake / raspberry gastrique / vanilla ice cream – I was a skeptic about this one, but enjoyed every single bite.  A dense date cake, smothered in one of the best toffee sauces I’ve ever tasted.

Tamayo Piloncillo Toffee Date Cake


I’m sorry, my little Latin Lovers, I cannot pick a favorite.  I swear, for the first time in Sugar Loco history, I just can’t do it.  All so unique in flavors and textures, you won’t go wrong with anything you choose on this menu.  I suppose I’ll have to go back in for more.

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