Roberta’s Chocolates {Denver}

Tucked away, just west of Highlands, is Roberta’s chocolate shop STUFFED full of everything chocolate.  I knew I had to lick my way through the store – and that’s exactly what I did one Friday afternoon.  A case full of handmade truffles will greet you on your left.  A wall of chocolate covered everything will holler and wave for you on your right.  Where do you even begin?  ASK!Chocolate Pizza

I had been hearing about a certain Chocolate Pizza, and being a huge fan of both chocolate and pizza I had to oblige.  A thick layer of some of the most creamy milk chocolate I have ever let melt in my mouth, serves as a “crust” and serving utensil for the chocolate coated caramel corn, festively-colored M&Ms (this one was from Valentine’s Day), drizzled in more chocolate, and sprinkles piled to the sky.Chocolate Covered Bacon

Try some of the more unique flavors too – chocolate covered bacon, chocolate dipped peppers, they’d probably chocolate dip your spouse too – just for fun…Can I go first?

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…  Website

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