Rolling in the (Cream Cheese) Dough

Rugelach (pronounce it “rug-a-la”) has pretty much fallen into a sorry state these days. You can find them in almost any bakery, supermarket, big box warehouse and corner coffee shop. And, more often than not, they are as large and tasteless as the box they come in.

Enter Debbie’s Rugelach (cue angels singing…………).

I was fortunate enough to receive a “sampler” package of currant/walnut, chocolate chip and apricot. And I do believe there is hope for this little pastry yet. Tender, flaky crust. Not-too-sweet-but-just-enough filling. Perfect with a cup of tea, these would also make a warm and welcome hostess or teacher gift.

This was a hard one to choose a favorite for, but when it comes to rugelach, I’m a traditionalist and LOVED the “Traditional Currant Walnut”.


My faith has been restored – thank you Debbie!

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