Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha Producer Seeks Funding On Kickstarter!

rowdy mermaid

We have to admit, when we were first offered Kombucha we were a little skeptical. Is it a tea? Is it alcohol? Is that carbonation, or something…else? Even after the first couple sips, we weren’t fully sold. But take our word for it – It’s worth sticking with. We try to drink as much water as possible, and limit our sugary drink intake to the delicious concoctions we post here for you. But every now and again, we still crave those delicious, flavorful drinks that hit the spot that water just doesn’t. Sometimes coffee gets it done, and we’ll occasionally slurp down some tea with honey, but now that we have the taste for Kombucha, nothing else can quench that appetite.


That’s why we’re supporting Rowdy Mermaid’s Kickstarter, and we think you should too. Their Kombucha is so good that it’s flying off the shelves in Colorado, but they need our help to bottle it as quickly as people are buying it. Who knows? If we all help enough they might be able to make their delicious Kombucha a national sensation! Here’s a snippet from their press release.


Rowdy Mermaid’s founder Jamba Dunn, who opened his taproom in April 2014 and began supplying his product to local retail locations, is now trying to keep up with demand. “Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha is refreshing and healthy and specialized for our local audience,” said Dunn. “Our taproom lets us connect with the community and collaborate with other local companies, restaurants, and nonprofits. We are however in need of some new equipment to get the kombucha in the bottles and to our customers more quickly.”

The labor-intensive process of bottling one flavor of Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha takes about 130 hours, but with the proposed new equipment the process would take closer to 15 to 20 hours. Considering the company offers seven kombucha flavors, an upgrade on the machines that do the bottling is completely necessary. The crowdfunding campaign will help to purchase label-free custom bottles, a capping machine with its corresponding electrical breaker, and a bottle washer so that the bottling process will be streamlined.

Rowdy Mermaid is offering several enticing rewards for its campaign, such as growlers of kombucha, limited edition T-shirts and handcrafted mugs, classes for kombucha brewing, various parties, tickets to the campaign finale event, and bags made out of the dried kombucha SCOBY.


Interested in learning more about Rowdy Mermaid? Head over to their Homepage or Twitter Feed. Better yet, check out their Kickstarter and help them out!

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