Santa’s Cravings – TV Segment

I know, it’s the day after Christmas.  The stockings were stuffed, the kiddos visions of sugarplums are all a distant mirage, Santa’s plate was piled high and is now just a dusting of cookie crumbs. I’m here to prepare you for next year – or give you something to nosh on throughout the next year.

I had the pleasure of showing off some sweet treats on our local Denver station 9 News, Christmas Eve.  Take a peek at the top three requests from Santa.  Santa Hat Brownie Bites, Christmas Tree-Eats, and Holiday Rolo Pretzel Bites.  All super simple, all super addictive, and all available to eat year round too!

I laugh when I watch this, the Ready Whip was a little too “Ready” and overloaded my brownie hat.  HA!  (laugh with me, not at me, I’m soooo not a pro)



santas treats


Hope you had a very Merry Christmas from our oven to yours!!



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