Sara Snacker Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chippy is Gluten Free Goodness! @sarasnacker

I just love it when companies that are already all about being innovative and fresh and natural expand into new ingredient niches so that more people can enjoy them. Sara Snacker is doing just that with its newest flavor which is gluten and dairy free, but still brings it with homemade cookie goodness! I had the opportunity to try Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chippy cookies and they are super delish. The taste is somewhere between a fresh peanut butter cookie and a no-bake cookie ball (although these are definitely baked as egg is an ingredient). These yummy round little cookies melt in your mouth and have just the right amount of earthy oatmeal and peanut flavor. Yum! 


Sara Snacker offers a wide variety of thoughtful and tantalizing flavors in its traditional line of cookie options including Chipn’etzel (potato chips and pretzels, hello!) and a dark chocolate version of the same as well as vanilla milkshake flavor and lemonade. Nicely, the ingredient lists on these baked goodies are short and familiar. For example, there are only six ingredients in the peanut butter oatmeal chippy flavor and I could grab them all from my pantry! That’s awesome.

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