Pear Brown Butter Cake at Sassi {North Scottsdale}

While walking in amongst a courtyard of beauty of rustic Italy, I was pleasantly greeted by many of the staff at Sassi in North Scottsdale. As the essence of relaxation encompassed the restaurant from the brilliant sun nestling along the valley, I was accompanied inside to meet their Head Chef, Christopher Nicosia, who had prepared one of the most delicious cakes I have experienced.

I have commented before on Chefs I have met who display overwhelming amounts of passion and joy for what they do, but I have yet to meet someone as confident as Chef Christopher. The passion was undeniably there, but the confidence in his masterpiece was so contagious that it made me smile as he presented this dish.

Chef Christopher, paired along with his Pastry Chef, masterfully created their newest menu item which is a Pear Brown Butter Cake made up of almond brown butter cake, poached pears, brown sugar caramel and a homemade cinnamon pear sorbet which added a surprising pinch of tartness to this rich velvety dessert.

I was actually embarrassed as Chef Christopher came to join me as I was enjoying my very last bite of this heavenly delight in a matter of about 5 minutes. My taste buds were seriously in some sort of hypnotic heaven begging for more and more and more!

I laughed as I told him that I normally do not finish my entire dessert on a tasting in which he replied, “Enjoy, it isn’t doing anybody good if its just sitting there.”

And enjoy I did!

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