A Perfect Saturday at @CentralBistroBar in Denver

We happened into Central Bistro one lovely summer Saturday afternoon ready for some impressive desserts, and with no doubt, that is indeed what we were delivered, and more!

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Background: Central Bistro is in the Denver’s trendy LoHi neighborhood that is busting at the seams with urban boutiques, swanky bars and oodles of restaurants. It’s hard to stand out amongst this crowd, but Central Bistro’s desserts withstand not only competition, but might lead the pack of homemade post-dinner temptations.

 While, yes, I did try almost every dessert, ice cream and sorbet flavor to ensure I have the most accurate of information for our Sugar Loco readers, I had to pare it down to three choices should you happen upon this spot. Newly cemented pastry chef, Danielle St. John embraces the local American flavor classics such as apple, pear, peach and oh so many berries and re-infuses desserts with a quite signature, unique and local touch. So many of Danielle’s ingredients are from local purveyors and / or the kitchen right behind her—that lemon thyme not used in the soup is probably in your homemade sorbet tonight.

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Choice #1 Sorbet

I’m sorry, SO few restaurants have homemade sorbet on the menu, let alone adventurous flavors. Danielle does change out the flavors daily, however, you will hopefully dine one afternoon or evening when the strawberry basil or green apple sorbets are on the menu, without argument, my favorites. The flavor is so natural and fresh, it’s remarkable she doesn’t package this stuff for sale as well!

 Choice #2 American Artisan Cheese

What? Cheese on the Sugarloco site? Yes, it’s the most wonderful compliment to Danielle’s sweetness. This particular afternoon we had a Point Reyes Blue Cheese, a Haystack Goat Cheese from local Henderson, Colorado and a Lamb Cheese. And, Danielle, of course, offers homemade little crackers to satisfy her need to add something personal to each and every dessert.

 Choice #3

Go for their signature dessert that has appeared on the menu since the restaurant’s inception, the Nutella Waffle. This selection is based solely on the fact that the incredible pretzel ice cream accompanies this fine dessert specimen. Can you ever go wrong with homemade churned ice cream, homemade waffles and nutella—No!

And . . if you feel so moved, ask for one of Danielle’s homemade truffles. She mixes many parts of left over desserts that didn’t get plated and creates sweet magic for guests. 

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