Say good-bye to Champagne and Strawberries – THIS ROMANCE PACKAGE IS MINE! {Phoenix}

Ranked the top business hotel in Arizona by Travel+Leisure magazine, The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix is sure to accommodate any busy travelers needs. Wait, what Jaclyn? Business Needs? I’m here for the desserts & drinks, while I drool over your relaxing dessertcations, which by the way, I still can’t believe you get to experience “dessertcations”. Yes, yes, I know! And that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you about! 

The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix truly is a great spot to sneak away for just a night with your sweetie if you live here in town or to plan a whole trip if you’re coming from a far. With their delicious American cuisine restaurant located within the hotel, bistro 24 is a must during your stay. My tastebuds were anxiously awaiting their twist on S’more’s as I was served a chocolate pudding with hints of hazelnut and toasted marshmallow’s accompanied by a few homemade graham crackers. As I enjoyed one of their seasonal desserts, Chef Andrew teased me with his upcoming menu which will include hints of Strawberries, Rhubarb, Prickly Pear and Fresh Berries. (Can’t wait to see what you reveal next!)

Ritz Carlton S'more

After enjoying dessert, I knew what awaited next. Upon arrival, I had spoken to a woman at the front desk who assisted me with my check-in. I smile still at the thought of our conversation as she did not know that I had already scheduled the “Romance Package” myself and knew all the details. My husband stood behind me with our bags, while I asked the woman “Are we still on for 8 pm with our package.” She hesitated with any details as she assumed my husband had planned this as a surprise! She was absolutely adorable when she realized I knew and explained that she was trying to resist spoiling any surprises. It was so cute!  (So if you’re looking to surprise your loved one, they really know how to keep a secret!)

Ritz Carlton Phoenix Romance Package

The Ritz Carlton, Phoenix has taken the well-known “Romance Package” well beyond the traditional Champagne and Strawberries. They are now offering (as you can see) a beautiful spread of roses plus your choice of Wine Tasting, Chocolate fondue or Breakfast in-bed. (and of course, you can pick all three!) This interruption free package is sure to fire up your relationship as they pull out all the bells and whistles! (I’m sure they even have “bells & whistles” if you’re feeling a little kinky).

fondue and wine at The Ritz Carlton Phoenix

This romantic evening is completely customizable which is extremely unique for a hotel experience. I also love that it is enjoyed in the comfort of your room where you and your loved one can be completely yourselves.

The Ritz Carlton, Phoenix and bistro 24 have raised the bar when it comes to a romantic evening. I am anxiously awaiting our next “kid-free” night so we can sneak off for another little stay-cation here in Phoenix!

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