sc-RUM-ptious dessert! by Weekend Rum Cakes

Liquor-infused cakes can often disappoint – they are often either overly soggy or taste too heavily of alcohol. Which is why I was doubly blown away by Weekend Rum Cakes’ lovely little bundts!

First of all – they’re adorable – only 4″ across and less than 2″ high, they are the perfect size for one hungry mom you and a friend. As they freeze beautifully (I did manage to get a few stashed in the freezer before the troops here attacked) they are perfect to have on-hand for an unexpected guest.

But of course, most importantly – they are DELICIOUS! Perfectly moist, with the very subtle flavor of the rum – not the alcohol – complementing the other ingredients beautifully.  Their standard flavors are Chocolate, Coconut and Original but they offer seasonal varieties as well. I was lucky enough to try the Pumpkin Spice, and while  I would have never thought to pair rum with pumpkin it turned out to be a charmed combination.

While I enjoyed them all, my favorite flavor was the Original – as my “go-to” cake is a good pound cake, this was the pound cake of my dreams – moist, tender, with a lovely hint of rum.


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