Scrumptious Gifts for Friends with a Sweet Tooth!

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by Will Clayton


Everyone has that one friend with a gigantic sweet tooth, unless they are that friend. One of the best things about having a confectionery-loving friend is that it’s easy to buy gifts. Someone who loves desserts will always be happy with something sweet, whatever the occasion. There are excellent gifts all around you, from home baking to clothes that celebrate the joy of cakes. Try some of the suggestions below for some inspiration. They’re great if you’re looking for something for a friend, or you want to give your friends some ideas for your birthday.


Homemade Sweets


Getting someone something from a fancy patisserie or restaurant will make them happy. But sometimes the most appreciated gifts are the ones you make at home. If you’re at all capable in the kitchen, try your hand at making your friend something special. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant, towering cake that takes you three days to prepare. Even if you can only do a batch of sugar cookies or a simple sponge, your friend will love that you’ve gone to the effort. They’ll appreciate it more if baking or confectionery isn’t usually your thing.  Just as long as what you make is edible!


Quality Chocolates


For some people, you just can’t get any better than some high-quality chocolate. To others, chocolate is all the same. To them, there’s no point spending more for a heavenly chocolate experience. But those in the know are aware of what makes a good chocolate, whether it’s a plain slab or a fancy truffle. Getting your friend a decent box of chocolates is appropriate for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, new house or job promotion. You can do all kinds of things, from picking a varied selection to personalizing a chocolate bar.


Professionally-made Cakes and Cookies


Of course, even the best of chocolates can feel like a somewhat underwhelming gift. It’s purely because of the scale. If you want to present your friend with a bigger and more robust gift, go for cakes or cookies instead. Visit their favorite bakery or choose one that they’ve always longed to buy from but never have. You could get them a box of cupcakes, pastries, a personalized cake, fancy cookies, and much more. If you pick an establishment they know well, just the sight of the box will get them excited.




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by John


Baking and Confectionery Classes


Some people just like to eat. But the truly passionate want to learn how to reproduce their favorite sweets. And perhaps even invent some of their own. Vouchers or tickets to a baking or confectionery course are perfect. Anyone who wants to know more about making their own desserts will love them. They can learn to make chocolates and truffles, cakes and cookies. And any other delicious things you can think of. If you want to give them a gift like this, you can try to find out when they would be available for a particular course. However, it might be easier to give them vouchers for a cookery school. Then they can choose their own course and dates.


Kitchen Tools


For friends who are a whizz in the kitchen, anything to help them bake or make confectionery will go down well. Whether they make cakes, chocolates or hard candies, there are lots of gifts you could get them. And there are items to fit different budgets too. Whether you want to splash out on a kitchen appliance or just get them a small and simple tool, you can find a gift. If you want to buy them some kind of device, they aren’t all expensive. Some fun items like cupcake machines or donut-hole makers are inexpensive. And they will make speedy treats whenever you want them. You could get them a cake decorating kit, a set of cookie cutters or even a chocolate tempering slab to make perfect sweet treats. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the results of their new toys in the future!


Eatery Vouchers


If your friend has a favorite place for dessert, you could get them gift vouchers or a gift card to eat there. You can’t always get cakes and pastries to go, so you friend will have to go to the sweets instead. It could be a café, restaurant or bakery where they can sit down and have dessert and coffee, or even a full meal. If you’re lucky, they’ll invite you along to join them, and you can give them a second gift of a good time. Many vouchers can also be used to get products to take home, so they won’t even need to find the time to eat out.




Sometimes buying a box of chocolates or cupcakes doesn’t feel like enough. Special occasions often call for something bigger, like a gift hamper. Baskets are excellent because you can combine lots of little gifts. Many places sell ready-made baskets with lots of fun treats inside, but you can put one together yourself too. You can include chocolates, recipe books, kitchen tools and throw in some beer or wine too. Pick a theme and use it to inspire you so that you can create a hamper your friend will love.


Clothes, Accessories and Homewares


Your gift to your friend doesn’t have to be edible. Chances are if they enjoy eating sweets, they’ll love featuring them in other parts of their life too. You can buy them clothes, accessories or even homewares that feature their favorite desserts. You could buy them a sweater covered in cookie motifs. Or get them a cake-shaped pendant necklace or a cushion shaped like a chocolate. They’re sure to love having the symbols of the confectionery they love around their home and even incorporated into their style.


You’re lucky if you have a friend or family member with an insatiable sweet tooth. There are so many gifts you can get for them, and it’s hard to go wrong. Try some of the ideas above next time they have something to celebrate.

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