Sea Salt Toffee with Bacon from Pig of the Month

I remember a sad time in my life when I had never heard of bacon being used as an ingredient in sweet desserts. Maybe you remember this in your own life too. Then, suddenly one day, bacon was everywhere. Sure, you could find it snuggling up to fried eggs in a morning breakfast, but then you found it in sweet places. Like ice cream and candy.

Some of my friends couldn’t understand why bacon was making it’s way into sweets. Well, I’m not like my friends. I fully knew and understood the wonders of bacon. Just like a dip of crispy bacon into a stream of sweet maple syrup is pure bliss, I knew the pairing of sweet treats and bacon would be amazing. But I had to find my perfect bacon opportunity.

The day finally came when my Pig of the Month box arrived. I knew they were sending me sweet treats to try, but little did I know they would be sending me my first try of a bacon confection: Sweet Nothings Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Toffee with Bacon. Long title, but so worth the time to read it all. I’m a dark chocolate fan, but adding toffee and sea salt AND bacon. Well, sign me up.

I took just one bite at first — my little taste test — and my thoughts of bacon in sweets was confirmed: it’s a perfect match. Considering my love of toffee, I really don’t think you can go wrong with it, but adding bacon makes me happy. I helped myself to another piece. And then another. I did share a piece or two with my husband and the kids, but let’s be honest, most was for me.

The Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Toffee with Bacon from Pig of the Month will go down in history as the first bacon candy I’ve tried. We are forever bonded. You can bond with it too. Come on, you know you want to.

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  • April 6, 2013

    Bruce Reed

    I was not happy with the customer service with this company. They offer false advertising, and try to increase the prices during checkout. Buyer, beware.