Shake your Jelly Belly

…I assume that’s what Santa does 363 days of the year, don’t you?  What I don’t want to know is whether he does it with a shirt on or off….We’ll let Mrs Claus hold that secret safe in the North Pole vault.

And now in completely unrelated news – jelly beans!  The holiday Jelly Belly collection – though you think that would be added to the LOCO kids category, they’re not just for kids.   I remember distinctly how exciting Jelly Belly flavors were growing up. Remember going “eeeewwww” at the Buttered Popcorn (even though you were secretly saying YUMMMMM) or burning your tongue on the firey Cinnamon?

I became a real life kid in a candy store when I opened this box of goodies.  And though there are still your childhood favorites, there are so many more flavors and fun to choose from now.  Hello, Reindeer Corn! I can satisfy my quest for candy corn during the holiday season – yay me!And what about the Christmas mix which includes Very Cherry, Green Apple, Coconut & Red Apple.  Perfect for a stocking stuffer, a hostess gift or for your own late night belly shaking. *uh hem*

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