Silpat – the 8th wonder of the world?

Okay – that may be a little extreme.

But having been a passionate home baker for over 25 years I can tell you that my Silpat is indeed a kitchen “miracle”!

Silpats are non-stick baking mats that turn any baking sheet into a non-stick pan. And when I say “non-stick”, I mean literally – NOTHING sticks to them. I have made blueberry pies – with the juices invariably overflowing onto the pan – and do nothing more than peel the cooled fruit right off.


The mats never need greasing, can be used thousands of times, and completely eliminate the need for parchment paper – better for the environment and less expensive too!

Care is as easy as rinsing the mats and allowing them to air dry.

One of my favorite cookies is a lace cookie – you know, the kind you can mold into a cup while warm? Problem is, they harden very quickly and are almost impossible to lift off a regular baking sheet without shattering – I always wound up with broken cookies as I tried to lift them off with a spatula. Using the Silpat, the cookies lift right off the sheet while still soft and warm.

You can store them either flat or rolled up in a drawer – they take up very little room.

I also use the mats for messy savory dishes too – roasted chicken, shrimp parmigiana and twice baked potatoes (to name a few).

I can honestly say that Silpats are one of my top “g0-to” kitchen helpers!

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  • May 12, 2012


    I NEED these!! Especially when making pizza. That darn cheese doesn’t like to come off the baking sheet!