Sipping on the local Cherries

Finger Lakes Distilling Cherry Liqueur

Finger Lakes Distilling is located in New York and is known as one of the only “stand-alone” distilleries in its region. They continually use locally grown products for their raw ingredients and it is reflected in the quality of their beverages.

I received both a cherry liqueur and maplejack liqueur and was tickled to pieces to try them. Made from locally grown cherries, I knew I would love it! Now, for the most part I am a beer gal or like I’ve mentioned throughout my career with Sugar Loco am turning into a wine-o too! But I have a feeling Finger Lakes has found me yet another love. I poured the liqueur over ice, hubby built us a fire outside and bundled up while sipping this simple drink that had me craving for another taste.

Finger Lakes is not only providing up high quality liqueurs but they also offer whiskey, grappa, gin, and brandy. If you are looking for a unique, high quality line of alcohol I highly recommend ordering from Finger Lakes!

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