Slickables – The Lickable Sandwich! {Phoenix}

I want to be friends with ANYONE who uses a cookie for a spoon! Seriously!

Husband and wife team, Tina and Sam, developed a company solely on a concept that originated when the two wanted to cut down on dishes and started using their cookies as spoons with their ice cream. Soon the “Slickable” was born and I am so happy that they decided to make my town the Home of the Slickable!

Both from the corporate world, Tina and Sam have taken the concept of the ice cream sandwich, with Tina’s homemade delicious cookies wrapped around your favorite scoop of ice cream and have opened shop right dab in the middle of ASU alley in downtown Tempe on Mill Ave.

Although I’m a huge Snickerdoodle fan, which I enjoyed tasting, I soon became a lover of the Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake Slickable with their Lemon cookies and Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.  It was the perfect combination that I could hardly see how anyone would order anything different!

The “regulars” to Slickables now drop in placing their own “secret code” orders and Tina & Sam are loving it! It’s like the hidden menu of lickable sandwiches.

So be sure to drop by soon and order something like the Sugar Loco – who knows what they’ll dish up, but I know it’ll be delicious!


Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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