Slide into Home Base with Cakesliders

Cakesliders are a WIN and a ridiculously cute gift to send someone you love (which could just be YOU, we won’t tell).  This adorable arrangement was shipped right to my door – ecstatically I tore right into it which unleashed my family’s oooh’s and ahhh’s. 

Aside from fighting over the balloon and which flavor they get to eat (oh the joy of kids), this has been one of the shiniest {dessert} moments thus far this year.   Thankfully, it was filled with 5 different delicious flavors, which leads to something for everyone.  Why oh why did I open it before their bedtime???

These arrangements come in many different forms with moist, flavorful cake, and loaded with rich buttercream frosting.  Like, a whole inch of frosting in between those layers of cake.  And you know how much I love my buttercream frosting.

Ordering is EASY:

In Breckenridge, CO?  Check out their shop – Rocky Mountain Cupcakes

Wanna order and get them shipped to someone special?  Pick your poison here, and then give them a ring 970-547-1300.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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