Small in Size, but Not in Flavor from Petite Pig

I will never turn a down a s’mores. Ever. So upon receiving my box of gourmet chocolates from Petite Pig, I immediately bit into the Scout, a s’mores inspired chocolate. Made up of “layers of graham cracker crust, salted caramel, and a homemade vanilla marshmallow” it was truly a unique take on a campfire favorite! All I needed was a tent in my backyard, a sleeping bag, and a box of Scout Chocolates and I would have been in gourmet camping heaven!

 The Scout

My little box of chocolates from Petite Pig was full of hand crafted treats that were not only rich in flavor but beautiful, as well. The Palermo, a “dark chocolate ganache mixed with Italian pistachio paste” and matcha green tea is rolled in pistachios to add a great flavor as well as a bright green flavor color. Another favorite was the Milk and Honey, a white chocolate truffle topped with organic bee pollen. This will convert anyone on the fence about white chocolate not being a “real chocolate.” So delish!


Milk and Honey White Chocolate Truffle

The only thing petite about Petite Pig’s chocolates are their size. Full of rich chocolate and unique flavor combinations, you will not feel guilty about eating more than one! In fact, you will eat more than one because they are that good. If you are wanting to try these little treats for yourself, you’re in luck because Petite Pig is now accepting custom orders and will ship straight to your door!

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