That’s MY Signature Cake at Something Sweet Bakery {Phoenix}

This by no means is going to sound classy or elegant, or even come near the necessary amount of compliments owed to the maker behind the masterpiece, but you know that sound Homer Simpson makes when he see’s a donut. That utter infatuation desire of the “Mmmm…..”

Ya – that’s the sound I make when I walk into a bakery…..Something Sweet Bakery Phoenix

Owner, Tina Damon of Something Sweet Bakery has an incredible talent of making each one of her creations a masterpiece! Tina and I chatted like old friends over some of her customer favorites including her Eclair’s & Jam Cookies (I’ll share my favorite in a bit!) as she told me of her passion for baking and excitement now having her storefront for a year & a half in Ahwatukee, Arizona. Tina has been baking for years but the dream & desire of having a daily bakery for locals to enjoy is now her reality.

I truly believe my favorite thing about the Something Sweet Bakery is their Signature Cakes. These 5 cakes can also be found on her menu to pre-order for a party and each have a story. There is the “Princess Victoria” which is for her sister Victoria and is of course a princess cake. The Grand Marie is for her sister Marie. Chocolate Banana Bella for her sister Roberta. The Lemon Diane for her sister Diana and of course Red Velvet for her sweet lovin and supportive hubby. Each their favorites and each a customer favorite too!

I did mention I was going to tell you about my favorite didn’t I? Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich

Tina’s Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich – I mean Oh – My – Word!   Mmmmmmmm…… (and yes, that was a little Homer Simpson-ish)

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