Specialty Coffee in an instant…Anyone?

Anyone who loves drinking coffee will tell you that nothing compares to the first few sips of a freshly brewed cup of Joe first thing in the morning. Getting your hands wrapped around a hot mug of coffee really helps set the mood for the entire day.  But, have you ever had those mornings where it seems to take forever for the coffee to brew?  Or needing that quick cup after dinner with your dessert?

Thanks to Nescafe Memento those types of mornings no longer have to exist.  Those mornings can be a thing of the past! Allow me to introduce you to the new way of getting  that freshly brewed cup of specialty coffee.

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Nescafe Memento is specialty coffee made super simple.  How?   In two easy steps:  First, open and pour a packet of Memento into a coffee mug.  Next, add 8 ounces of very hot water (not boiling water) into the mug and stir.  That’s it!  So, in less than 5 min. you can have both hands wrapped around a fresh cup of specialty brewed coffee.

Now all you have to do is choose which flavor to try: Mocha, Caramel Latte or Cappuccino. Each box has eight packets – each packet equals one single serving.   Of all three flavors, the best one in my opinion was the Caramel Latte. As soon as you add in the hot water, the aroma of caramel is heavenly!  On the other hand, if you are a die hard chocolate lover, then the Mocha was made just for you!

Nescafe Memento is not only delicious in flavor but it also has that extra “something” every specialty coffee needs to have:  a top layer of sweet foam.  That’s right…Foam!  By adding nonfat milk infused with airy bubbles to each packet, there will always be a frothy, foamy layer of goodness laying there on top of each cup of coffee.

How amazing is that?  Specialty coffee with foam done right every single time without sacrificing flavor or foam!

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