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You might be thinking WTH?! Right?  Why on earth are we talking foxes?  And little ones at that?  And little foxes (or foxi) that aren’t covered in chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder?  Because I have a feeling the majority of you reading this are moms.  Moms who love to give their kids the best.  Whether it be the best desserts you can make or buy for them, or the best new products you can give them, you are on top of it.  You make your sweat pants match and look put together each and every day (I’m with you on that), and most importantly you ARE FAB-U-LOUS. *insert 3 snaps here*


And fabulous mamas want to know what is the latest in kids gear.  Am I right?  Created by two moms, with a combined total of 6 kids between the two, littlefox is here to give you a monthly online subscription of their little packs of awesomeness. What’s “awesomeness” you ask?  Check it…

littlefox february 2013 packIt’s a monthly mailed-to-your-door subscription box full of goodies like this one for February.  If you’re already a member, this is the sweetness you’ll receive.  If you’re not a member, but sign up for one of their limited spots, this is what you’ll get.  See?  Awesomeness, right?!  This pack, as are every single month, is limited and valued at over $50-70/month…

So what would you expect to pay for these monthly gems?  Millions?  Naaaah, how about $37.95/month.  What a fun gift that keeps on giving for yourself, a friend, your daughter, or that mom-to-be!

Just because it’s not covered in chocolate, doesn’t mean it can’t be SWEET!

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