Spoonable — Brooklyn Butterscotch

When the box arrived, I glanced at the return address and I opened it immediately.

Spoonable Brooklyn Butterscotch

Inside, nestled safely among bubble wrap, was a jar of Spoonable — Brooklyn Butterscotch . I let out a “ooooh” as I checked out the paper label design. I was in love with the look and instantly felt that this wasn’t an ordinary jar of butterscotch.  And what do I do when I see something I love? I grab my phone and take an Instagram photo of it to share with my followers. And that’s exactly what I did right then. My followers have great taste and I knew they would appreciate this great looking product .

Spoonable Brooklyn Butterscotch

So, yeah, I do get a bit excited over great packaging, but the real test has to be the taste. It’s important to not judge a book by it’s cover, right?.

Spoonable sat on display on the top of my microwave for a couple weeks. Should I use it on ice cream? Should I dip some apple slices in it? Maybe a drizzle over a slice of apple pie? One cold day the answer came to me: a caramel latte.

I opened the jar of Spoonable and swiped my finger across the inside of the lid where a small amount of butterscotch begged to be tasted. It was perfectly delicious. The label design impressed me so much, but it really holds nothing to just how good this was. I think what surprised me most was that it was the bit of salt in it. It seems that nowadays everyone is using the term “salted caramel”, but I didn’t expect it in this butterscotch. Without knowing how the salt would play a part, I think made it even more delicious.

Spoonable Brooklyn Butterscotch

Sadly, my jar of Spoonable is gone, but I’m eyeing some of their other flavors to try next. I’m thinking some of the savory caramels would be fun to use in some recipes, such as their Peppered Orange Caramel or the Spicy Chili Caramel. Check out the Spoonable flavors and leave me comment — which one would you try?

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