Spoonable! Robert Lambert’s Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce

Check out the ingredient list for Robert Lambert’s Malted Milk Chocolate Sauce:

Swiss milk chocolate.


Triple Madagascar vanilla.

Jack Daniels bourbon.

I got a jar recently, and took a look at the clock to see what time it was.

It was 10:00. In the morning.

Can you guess how long I waited before opening the jar and digging in?

Yeah, 10:03.

Robert personally makes every one of his products by hand and you can, without a doubt, taste the difference. The flavors are pure, clean and utterly sublime. I’ve drizzled this sauce on vanilla ice cream, dipped strawberries in it (Oh. My. God.) and blended it with ice cream and milk for the most delicious malted ever!

Tie a wooden spoon to the jar with a pretty ribbon and you have the perfect hostess or teacher gift – but be sure to purchase an extra one for yourself.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…



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  • January 29, 2012


    I ordered it – can’t wait to try…thanks for sharing!