Spotlight: Creamistry in CA!

It’s not often you hear of a revolution in ice cream, but Creamistry, located in California, seems to have accomplished just that.

Ice cream was revolutionized in late 2013 when Creamistry opened its flagship store in Irvine, California, to rave reviews and throngs of enthusiastic customers. With its new take on a timeless classic, Creamistry uses liquid nitrogen to create an instant delicacy, making it literally one of the coolest new dessert concepts in Southern California—and they make it to order. Now they are not only in Irvine but also in Cerritos, Long Beach, Corona, and Rowland Heights—with new locations coming soon!


Creamistry saw how other stores kept their ice cream in large premade quantities and wanted to bring something different to the table.

Owner Jay Yim has been in the bakery and sweets business for years. Beginning at the age of 12, Jay worked in his father’s bakeries around Southern California. Inspiration came when he first encountered the concept of liquid nitrogen ice cream in Korea nearly a decade ago.

“It blew my mind. I had never seen ice cream that was freshly prepared and of course, there’s that cool factor with the cloud of liquid nitrogen smoke.” – Jay Yim

Having never seen ice cream freshly made with liquid nitrogen before, Jay and his wife Katie began experimenting with their own unique recipes and flavors. With a love for fresh, organic and healthy produce, they were ecstatic about creating something amazing for their customers. They knew that people would love the ability to customize their own ice cream and then see it made from scratch right in front of them. Every scoop is handcrafted, one scoop at a time.


How does it work?

Create your unique recipe from a selection of 50 flavors and over 50 mix-in toppings, and watch as they mix your recipe with liquid nitrogen (-321 degrees), which freezes the cream mixture upon contact and results in a delicious scoop of ice cream you can call your very own!


Q: Is it safe? A: Yes!

Liquid nitrogen is -321 degrees. Once it comes in contact with air, it rapidly starts to evaporate.

Their specially trained Creamologists inject liquid nitrogen into the mixing bowl and combine it with our ice cream mix and within seconds, the liquid nitrogen has vanished and you’re left with the freshest, creamiest, most indulgent ice cream you’ve ever had. At this stage, it is perfectly safe to consume.

Creamistry handcrafts an amazing scoop of ice cream right in front of you using high quality ingredients, starting with an indulgent premium, organic, or non-dairy soy base. Creamistry’s creations are only limited by the customer’s imagination – the flavor combinations are endless!

For those that can’t decide, ten signature flavors are available including vanilla bean with candied bacon, cookie butter, salted caramel, chocolate hazelnut and an array of Asian-inspired flavors such as Thai iced tea, red-bean and matcha green tea.

Their Creamologists can also whip up delicious milkshakes and ice cream cookie sandwiches. Customers can choose any flavor of ice cream to be stuffed in a variety of cookies, including chocolate chip, macadamia and sugar. Waffle Sundaes are a specialty of theirs. Imagine a freshly made waffle topped with your favorite ice cream and toppings! Truly SugarLoco.

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If you’re in California, find a way to try some of this deliciousness, or on your next trip to California, stop by! Until then, check out their Facebook and Instagram to satisfy your curiosity!!!


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