Spotlight: Glazed and Confuzed in Denver!

Let it be stated, I know my donuts. Even more so, I know my Girl Scout cookies. It was the combination of my superior expertise and pure passion for both of savory treats that led me into a little Leetsdale shop earlier this spring.


Glazed and Confuzed not only boasts one of the coolest names in town, but also some of the craziest creativity in its confections. Which leads me back to the Girl Scout cookies. This bakery has actually perfected the pairing of the Samoa (a chocolate and coconut dream team) and a classic, fluffy donut. Yes, I said it. The Samoa Donut exists in Denver.



If this simple statement alone doesn’t have you off your seat and running to the shop right now, just wait. Aside from this magical concoction, Glazed and Confuzed has an eclectic resume of staple sweets that don’t include vanilla frosting or rainbow sprinkles. Let’s get to it.

G&C has made its name by thinking outside-of-the-box. During my tasting at the funky and hip space I was happily greeted by a sampling of bakery favorites.

The first was Breakfast of Champz, which believe it or not, went beyond living up to its name. The maple and bacon infused glazed donut was a soft, mouthwatering sensation adorned by hand cured savory bacon. This mix of salty and sweet was a welcomed combination in my mouth that I would honestly recommend as a breakfast-must in the Mile High City.




Soon following from the kitchen was The Root Beer Float. The flavorful glaze was the perfect balance of the classic brew intermingled with a vanilla custard filling. If this is one of your favorite iconic sweets, try it in baked good form. Your taste buds will be singing. Another drink inspired creation from the shop? The Green Tea Glazed Donut. I was especially thrilled to receive this particular flavor on my plate. After all, if you are going to polish off an entire morning of donut indulging, the name might as well sound healthy, right? The green tea flavoring was subtle and sweet, making it an ideal choice for finalizing my feasting.



While I may have come for the Samoa, I left with a new favorite shop. For further menu options and information on Glazed and Confuzed, please visit or travel to 5301 Leetsdale Drive, Denver, CO 80246 for an extremely unique and satisfying donut dining experience.



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