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Sandee's Candee's SPUD FudgeDelicious Fudge – Less Sugar = more Spud Fudge!

I believe that if I find a candy or dessert that has less sugar, lower fat, low carbs, etc. it gives me justification to eat more. Enter Spud Fudge.  Yes, you read that correctly, this legendary fudge is made from potatoes which has proven to replace over a 1/3 of the sugar.  Scared?  The only thing you should be afraid of is how much you’ll consume while it’s sitting in front of you – it’s FABULOUS!  We received an amazing sampling of fudgey truffles ranging from Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Espresso Bean, Pumpkin Cheesecake and my personal fave – Coconut.  My little heart shaped box also included the adorable baked potato shaped Spud Fudge – what a novel little piece of candy!  (So cute I had to tell my kiddos it was bedtime so they wouldn’t take it – shhh, don’t tell them).

Spud Fudge Valentine's Day Gifts
Spud Fudge comes with it’s own warning label – “CAUTION: ‘SPUD’ Fudge may be habit forming”.  And at 1/3 less sugar, it’s a habit I’m ok with forming!

10 oz of the delish Fudge Truffles ($15.99) and can be delivered to your (or your sweets) door just in time for the big day!

Sugar Loco Discount: Get a free piece of SPUD Fudge with your order when you mention “Sugar Loco”

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    Sounds like a great idea to me!