How To Start A Cooking Channel On YouTube

Do you want to start your own YouTube channel? If so, that’s great! By utilizing video, you’re already bringing yourself up to speed with the ever-increasing global demand and desire for watching videos. The logistics of actually creating your cooking channel lay in registering a YouTube account, designing your page and then creating the content, creating the videos themselves. You can watch tutorials online, on YouTube, to get inspired to make videos and then go from there. You’ll be needing an arsenal of recipes you wish to make with the process documented in minute detail so to ensure that the recipe goes to plan, that everything will be all right on the night, so to speak.

Creating Your Channel

How your channel looks can affect its popularity. Of course, the main element to your channel has to be your recipes and your presentation skills, however, how your channel visually appears can either be a help or a hindrance, so do the very best you can to present it in such a way that will please viewers. YouTube provides channel art templates so you can get a feel for what you think looks good and sort the layout of your channel page. You can also use a YouTube banner maker and use bold typography to draw attention to your page; you can use logos and create a brand for yourself also.

What You Will Need

Since you’re starting a cooking channel, you will need the necessary props like a time-saving KitchenAid, smart looking pots and pans, utensils and display tins. You want the food you make to look visually appealing, so it’s worth investing in attractive materials and some cake stands if you’re going to be baking on your channel as well. Perhaps you’ve got a good video camera already but if you haven’t then you’ll be needing one. Your viewer experience is paramount to gaining subscribers. If your video quality is poor, chances are, people won’t be back to watch your videos again, and you’ll lose your views to another YouTube cook. You’ll be needing good sound equipment too, and devices for optimum lighting. Keep your audience interested and entertained, you can always try humor when cooking, and write a script to include some funny puns or jokes.

Some Time-Saving Tips

To make starting your channel a little easier follow these tips and tricks and get the most out of YouTube. Firstly, you need to consider the cooking and baking time. Preparation time is often a considerably shorter time than the cooking or baking time, meaning when you’re waiting for your food to cook in the oven, you can film yourself making another dish or recipe. Therefore, when your previous bake is fully cooked, you can place your second bake in the oven, and so on. If you’re doing this, and want to appear as if you’re cooking over the course of a few days, you can change your outfit. Keep a spare change of clothes for in between changing recipes, this way, when you come to editing, you can recognize what you were wearing with each bake, and you won’t confuse shots.

Filming Logistics

In terms of filming your cooking lessons, you’ll want to position your camera in front of the surface you’re working from with some space between the camera and surface. It will give a depth of field and make it easier to move around behind the camera. You should also have everything you need in the shot, or even just out of shot, as long as the items you need are within reach so that you don’t have to disappear out of the camera frame and crash around as you begin rifling through your cupboards.


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