Should You Start Publishing Your Own Recipe Books

If you are passionate about creating your own awesome desserts, drinks and other treats, you may have spent a lot of time perfecting your own recipes. While some people like to keep their recipes a closely guarded secret, it can also be a lot of fun to share them with the world, and let other people enjoy your creations, or even use them as a launchpad to create their own cool variations!

While one option if you want to get your recipes out there is posting them on recipe communities or blogs, or even having your own food website, what can also be very easy to do, and can potentially even make you some money, is to write and self-publish your own recipe books.

Why Publish Recipe Books Instead of Blogging?

There are quite a few reasons why publishing books containing your recipes is different from blogging, and these can make it better in some situations. For one thing, when you publish your book using Amazon, you have a much wider audience of people who are looking for recipes and may find your book than you are likely to have for your own site, even if you post your recipes on a major recipe blog. Another thing is that you can make money from your recipes without having to use things like advertising.

There is the downside that you will need to put a lot of recipes together to make a book, and this can mean you have less freedom to just put one out here and there when you feel like it, like you can with a blog, but you also don’t have to worry about continuing to keep putting out content like you do when you own your own site.

What Do I Need to Start Making Recipe Books?

It is free to publish your own books either as eBooks or paperbacks using things like Amazon KDP. You will however need to create the content and make it look appealing in the right format.

You can work on your book in any word processor you like, such as Word, Open Office or Google Docs, and use your preferred image editing tool (such as Photoshop or GIMP to prepare any images you want to use with your recipes, and the all-important cover). The cover is vital for helping you get sales (or downloads if you are giving your book away free).

Protecting Your Work and Publishing

While you are working on putting together books, it is crucial to have a reliable and secure back-up and recovery plan – you don’t want to risk losing hours and hours of work if you have tech issues. Check out this site for more information about secure data recovery, and be sure your work is protected.

Once you have created your book, simply go through the publishing process on Amazon using your Amazon account (linked to the one you shop with), and you’ll be able to upload your book, set your price, and keep track of sales!

There you have it – it is extremely easy to make your own recipes into a book you can sell!

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