Stay Sane This Holiday Season with New and Classic Products From Freixenet!!!!

Who here is having family over for the holidays? If you are, hopefully you had them over for Thanksgiving too, because then maybe all the political discussions are over. Who am I kidding though – watch this instant classic from CSPAN and tell me you think you’re not going to have uncomfortable convos this Holiday Season. –

Luckily, Freixenet has a whole host of new bubbly products that’ll put your mind at ease while you listen to your family bloviate about things you disagree with. Check these bottles out to turn your Christmas Dinner from Humbug to Ho-Ho-Ho!!!
Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad +glass
Reach for the gift that’s already wrapped: Short on time, money, and bows?  Reach for the gift that needs no further embellishment with Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad ($25), a Spanish Cava made in the traditional méthode champenoise.  Elegant and stately presentation makes Reserva Heredad an impressive-looking gift for your boss, hostess, or any wine lover on your list. The majestic, pewter-embellished bottle bears the crest of the Segura Viudas family, and houses the estate’s top cuvée.  This artisanal bubbly delivers an opening aroma of brioche followed by hints of honey and dried fruit.
Vow to Ring in the New Year in Style: VOVETI Prosecco ($17), whose name has origins in the Latin word “voveo” (to vow), is the perfect choice to toast to the New Year, new resolutions, and the adventures to come.  Vow to arrive in style with this sleek Italian design, even if a busy schedule has you running more than fashionably late. BYOB celebrations get a festive upgrade when you bring your own bubbly, and this lively wine adds sophisticated sparkle to any occasion!
Mia Sparkling Moscato_beauty
The Best Things Come in Small Packages:  A favorite of the recently launched line of Mia wines created by Spanish winemaker Gloria Collell, Mia Moscato is available just in time for the holidays in personal-sized mini bottles.  Mini Mias ($4 for 187 ml bottle) capture “Barcelona in a bottle” and are the perfect stocking-stuffer for the casual wine drinker or the world traveler.  Serve with a straw and these light and fruity sparklers make entertaining simple, fun, and festive (freeing you from doing the dishes after!), and their lively golden hue sets a cheerful table when used as place settings.  The gently sweet wine is versatile enough to pair with everything from holiday sweets to cheeses and more.
Beauty - Sweet Cuvée 2
Christmas Morning Gets Even Sweeter:  Whether you reach for a buttery pastry or crisp bacon at brunch this Christmas, swap the coffee for a celebratory mimosa made with Cordon Negro’s Sweet Cuvée ($12).  With a charmingly smooth palate and lower acidity than a typical sparkler, this sweet version of the “Black Bottle Bubbly” mixes perfectly with fresh OJ for a new take on a classic cocktail.  Sip on something sweeter this holiday season!


So head over to your local wine and spirit store, or check out the Freixenet website for more info. Your sanity this Holiday Season may depend on it!

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