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Happy New Years Sugar Loco readers!! Although 2013 was pretty good to me, I’m so excited to see what 2014 will bring. 2013 was pretty busy; I had weddings booked (one of them being my aunts, which I was the Maid of Honor AND the coordinator), a bridal shower, coordinated a team for the Revlon cancer walk we do every year in honor of my momma, my nephew was born, my brother was deployed, work has gotten busier for my normal J-O-B, spending time with my boyfriend, the family… just seemed like 2013 was busy busy busy!  But what I didn’t have much time for… the gym.

That is one of my New Years’ resolutions… I need to hit up the gym more often.  And along with hitting up the gym, comes watching what I’m eating/drinking.  And when I say “watching”, I don’t mean watching it all go into my mouth as I eat/drink, but really paying attention and eating/drinking healthier.  Now, I know as a writer for Sugar Loco – this sounds a bit hypocritical, so I will not let this resolution affect my writing for Sugar Loco in any way! This is “work”, right??? 😉

Now we all know, or have gotten to know – that I’m a girl who relaxes and enjoys her free time by having an “adult” beverage.  I’m not one who has ever liked to count calories – but we’ve all heard at one time or another that when watching your calories, that a vodka tonic, or a vodka and soda water has the lowest amount of calories.  Soda water is known to have no calories, and vodka is a low calorie liquor.  Wouldn’t it be more amazing to find even a lower calorie vodka than the known brand names out there??

KEELKEEL Vodka is “crafted to give the demanding, active person the ultimate in taste and smoothness with half the calories than in regular vodka”.  This vodka is one of the better tasting vodka’s I have tasted, and it’s also one of the smoothest; whether you’re drinking it by itself or in a cocktail.  I did my research, most of the known brand name vodkas out there have about 70-90 calories per serving – which KEEL Vodka has 58 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 fat per serving.  Lower the better, right?

I do have to mention the founders and partners of KEEL Vodka; only because my boyfriend is an all time fan of the New England Patriots – so I feel it would be wrong to not mention that Matt Light, a former New England Patriot, three-time Super Bowl Champion and three-time Pro Bowler was asked to partner on KEEL Vodka by the founders, Bill Dessel and Tom McGowan.  Being active and keeping fit were two things that the three men had in common, and agreed that “there was a need for a vodka for those who pursue the good life – and realize that balance is the key to achieving it”.  KEEL was born out of friendship – and a love of the sea and life.  KEEL knows that the best party follows the hardest work, and that the bonus isn’t really the bonus.  KEEL is for those of us who want to “STAY BALANCED”.








Try KEEL vodka with this amazing cocktail recipe:

Green Flash

Sailing lore tells us that good luck will be yours for a lifetime if you are fortunate enough to witness the elusive “Green Flash”, which sometimes occurs as the sun dips below the western horizon.  People at KEEL are not sure about a lifetime, but their Green Flash can do wondrous things for the nigh ahead… they wish you luck!

Keel Vodka - launch, 2013













  • 1.5oz KEEL Vodka
  • 3/4oz Midori
  • 1oz fresh orange juice
  • Splash of fresh cranberry juice

How To

  1. Combine all ingredients but the cranberry juice in a mixer with ice and shake vigorously.
  2. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  3. Add a splash of cranberry juice.
  4. Garnish with a cherry.


Enjoy!  I know I have!!


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