Ste Chapelle Late Harvest Riesling – Idaho Wines

I know what you’re thinking – are they made out of potatoes?  Real original people, I’m sure they’ve  never heard that joke before.  Actually, no potato anywhere near these bottles of wine (just in case you were all confused and needing clarification on the joke above).  Idaho has been harvesting grapes for wine since 1864 – and how did I not ever know this???  The Idaho Wine Commission sent me a couple of bottles of sweet wines to “test” out.  Pleasantly surprised at the flavor, crispness, and smoothness of these wines. Ste Chappelle Riesling

I know I should really love all sweet wines, but I don’t.  Sometimes they’re just overly sweet, thick texture, and taste like a squeezed raisin.   As much as I go in with an open mind I can be disappointed a lot.  Not the case with the Ste Chapelle 2010 Late Harvest Riesling.  I enjoyed every sip, from beginning to end.  This Riesling will pair beautifully with anything vanilla because of it’s hints of pineapple and apricot – or try pairing it with cinnamon sweets.  Or seriously, just drink it alone as dessert!

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