Stroll down to Easy Street {Park City}

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Let’s take a walk down Easy Street”. Well let me just say, the walk to EASY STREET in Park City is one I highly recommend. The Sky Lodge in Park City, Utah is host to a few of the finest restaurants in downtown which include Bar Bohem, Easy Street and the picturesque views from their Sky Blue Lounge. Touring the entire location, from their breathtaking rooftop bar to their endless Residences including full kitchens, spas and the warmth and coziness of home, but the amenities of vacation, I of course was there for the dessert.

Like many desserts in the Park City area, the menu changes with the seasons (which I love!) but of course, a few of their signature items stay year-around, like Easy Streets delicious homemade ice cream. They place this creamy rich spoonful of heaven right one top of their warm apple tart made of thin slices of apples which are bursting with flavor and baked into their flaky and light crust. One of my most favorite parts of Easy Street, is the fact that their patio seating is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, which I found out is actually an herb garden which the head chef picks from to make his specialties. Don’t you want to make a trip here already? I know I’m already planning another trip.

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