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Sugar Bowl Bakery

Did you see the brownie’s? And how about the madeleine’s? Ok, wait wait wait, before we get started on the desserts I just HAVE to make note of the “beginnings” of Sugar Bowl Bakery.

In 1984, five brothers joined their savings together, mustering up $40K to purchase a small neighborhood coffee shop in San Francisco called the Sugar Bowl Bakery.

Having a drive for success, these 5 brothers started baking homemade all natural sweets and the neighborhood quickly caught on to the amazing quality and taste!

Nearly 30 years later, they are now one of America’s largest family-owned, national minority certified bakery manufacturer selling to top retailers in the USA.

Pretty awesome right? Now you can see why I had to take us back to the story before the sweets right?


When I received my treats I was immediately drawn to the brownies. Diving in I was pleasantly surprised to see how moist they were.


Next for the Madeleines and Petite Palmiers and boy were they delicious. I quickly brewed myself some coffee and found myself a comfy spot on my couch. These babies were going to be gone before I knew it!

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