Sugar Charged Treats that Go Better with Nuts

There’s nothing quite like a sweet treat and no matter who you are there is a good chance you enjoy chocolate, ice cream, or even a little baklava from time to time. No matter what you enjoy, you would probably enjoy it ten times more if there were nuts involved. Today we’re going to talk about three treats that absolutely need nuts if you’re going to achieve the ultimate flavor and a dish you’ll be enjoying again and again.

Brownies – The Classic Everyone Knows

You’ve had brownies before, you love brownies, and they go well with practically any other treat. Maybe you’re going to have some with your ice cream, or maybe you’re thinking about heating it up in the microwave. No matter what your plan happens to be, you’re going to find that brownies are an outstanding sweet. You could make them from scratch or you could put them together in the box ingredients – everything’s an option. The question, however, is how you’re going to enhance them. The most common way to make a brownie even better than it already is (it’s pretty amazing by nature, just saying) is to add nuts, and you’ll need to make sure you do this before cooking the batter. The following are the most common types of nuts that you might find in brownies, but keep in mind that you can switch it up any time you want – they’re your brownies!

Nuts are great in any shape or form – and they’re even better when they’re surrounded by moist chocolate.

Banana Splits

You know banana splits, you love them, and chances are you want one right now. How do we know that? Okay when do you NOT want a banana split? Do you know what makes a banana split even better? That’s right, nuts. For the application of nuts in this case we would strongly recommend that you crush them first so that you can lightly sprinkle them over your ice cream. You’ll get just enough crunch and flavor to make a difference, but it won’t take away from the smoothness that is the perfect banana split. For this type of treat we strongly recommend using pecans, but as with the brownies, you can use nearly anything you want.

Ice Cream Sundaes

It’s very much like the banana split, but definitely without the banana with a more interesting presentation. With this tasty treat you can choose to incorporate the nuts into the ice cream itself but this will require you to soften the cream first, and we strongly recommend doing this in a food processor. If you don’t want to take that route however, you can always sprinkle your nuts on top, creating that perfect crunch and the perfect sweet treat. Give it a try and see what you can come up with!

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