Sugar Free Sweets – They Do Exist!

Sugar free sweets do exist, and they do taste delicious. There are many reasons why people may decide to turn away from sugar or have to for their health. Health problems like diabetes force people to change their diet drastically in order to compensate for their health issues. Cutting out sugar can be hard, but can also be very healthy for people who are just looking to improve their diet. We know cutting out sugar all together can seem like a challenge, but there are actually sweets out there that taste just as good as their sugary counterparts.

How Do Sugar Free Sweets Work?

People love their sweets, but in the past there wasn’t always an option for sugar free treats. There have been a lot of discoveries and advances since then to provide people with sugar free options for many of the foods they enjoy. People now more then ever can have food that is sweet to taste, but does not contain any sugar.

One of the biggest questions people ask is how food can be sweet but not have any sugar? The truth is confectioners simply don’t use sugar in the foods they prepare. They use sweeteners or sugar substitutes in place of sugar. This sweetener can also be used in other sweets and candies too and had seen a rise in popularity. The most commonly used sweetener is sucralose due to its wide availability.

How is Sucralose Different from Sugar?

We know many people have probably heard of sugar substitutes or sweeteners, but people often ask what sets sucralose apart from sugar. The idea that something can taste sweet without sugar is a bizarre concept, but it’s actually easier to under then most people first assume. The key difference is how the body breaks down sugar and sucralose. Sugar breaks down once it’s ingested, but sucralose does not break down. The body doesn’t receive any calories from the sweetener since it’s unable to break it down. Sucralose has also been referred to as a zero calorie sweetener since the body doesn’t receive any calories from the sucralose.

Are There Other Artificial Sweeteners?

There are actually a wide variety of artificial sweeteners to choose from for people who enjoy making sugar free treats. Sucralose is not the only artificial sweetener that can be found on the market, but it’s one of the best sugar substitutes to use. Top bakers and even confectioners often use sucralose to prepare sugar free desserts and sweets for people who can’t consume sugar. There are other sugar substitutes available like saccharine and aspartame, but are much less sweet then sucralose. These two other artificial sweeteners have also been known to cause health hazards.

There are indeed sugar free sweets, it’s just a matter of substituting the sugar for the right artificial sweetener.

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