Sugarlicious {Denver}

Sing with me “Four, Tres, Two, Uno… Listen up ya’ll, cuz this is it…this beat that I’m banging is da-li-cious… Sugarlicious definition, make those (taste) buds go loco, they want my candy, so they get their pleasures from my (candy) ro-ows.”  I bet Fergie and Will-I-Am come knockin’ for my killer lyrics and super-cool vibe.

Sugarlicious, an adorable sweet spot in the heart of Denver’s Cherry Creek North is a super sweet place to find unique and childhood memory-evoking candies.  Their “Great Wall of Candy” has 250 bins full of unique confections – hello chocolate covered anything, filled to the brim gummies, and shimmery Sixlets (who knew?!).I actually created my own memory while I was there – tasting their vast selection of Swedish candies.  Don’t worry a simple grunt and point will get you a bag full of delicious candy you can’t pronounce.   I had no idea Sweden was known for more than meatballs and Ikea (it’s true!). I love that Sugarlicious owner, Jill, has created more than just a candy stop, she’s building a candy empire.  She coordinates candy buffets, your child’s next candy birthday party, wedding favors for your nuptials – whatever the event – she can find a way to include candy.  Now that’s sweet.

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  • January 26, 2012

    Nancy Berk

    I love how your site captures the beauty and nostalgia of sweets. Thanks for highlighting beautiful options so we can choose our splurges wisely! ~n

  • January 27, 2012


    Carter and I definitely need to “review” Sugarlicious. For research, of course!