Summer Gelato at Classic Cake

Smooth. Webster defines it as even and uninterrupted in flow or flight. That is exactly the path the gelato at Classic Cake travels as it glides around your mouth, covering your taste buds in a blanket of flavor. You would not think a bakery focused on baked goods could be a “jack of all trades” and perfect the frozen treats section too, but with all his experience and dedication Chef Robert Bennett has done just that.

Classic Cake offers a number of sorbets such as the tropical delight of mango and  raspberry that is so fresh it almost fizzes in your mouth. However, the most impressive part of their frozen offerings are the innovative flavors of the Italian born gelato. Chef Bennett is constantly innovating to create new flavors that give this special treat a trump card. Offering summer flavors like strawberry, peach and blueberry, along with the classics of mint chocolate chip, and the ever popular cookies and cream.

It would be difficult for anyone to choose a favorite flavor; the blueberry gelato was an absolute delight (and I am not usually someone who would choose a fruit flavored treat!) However, there can only be one winner and the Rainforest Crunch gelato became the vincitore (winner) of the day. I love variety in my treats, and this wonderful gelato was able to make each bite different from the last with the complementing ingredients to match the class of the beautifully creamy Madagascan vanilla base. Caramel toffee butter crunch swirls throughout the gelato giving a sweet, yet slightly salty flavor that leaves you wanting more. Brazil nuts throughout give crunch to provide texture and that nutty taste that works so well with the other elements. An all around knockout gelato, one that if you really were in the Rainforest, all the other animals would be fighting for a taste!

Rainforest Crunch

Whether it’s the classic chocolate, or the sophisticated coffee, Classic Cake is sure to offer a creamy, dense gelato to meet your cravings. When you are able to mix and match flavors, the most difficult decision becomes just how many scoops can you justify? 

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