Those Summer Nights: Vivanco Granacha

Vivanco Tempranillo-Garnacha

It’s that magical time of year. The time when kids have officially stopped caring about classes and started dreaming of summer love. And parents have started thinking about what they are going to drink while their kids are out of school.

Let us pour you a glass of Vivanco Granacha.

It’s a balmy 98 degrees 80% humidity and you have 0% patience for one more kid asking you for cash for the ice cream truck. But wait, what is this in your glass? It’s smooth, with aromas of red licorice, raspberry and strawberry wrapped in a floral mix of roses and violets. It’s a glass of “Just get a Cremesicle already and leave me alone” Vivanco Granacha.

A mother on your kid’s soccer team getting you down? Well take a look in your thermos because we’ve just poured you a delicious glass of “I can’t hear you anymore Carla” Vivanco Granacha.

Your oldest coming in after curfew? Well don’t worry, you’ll be waiting up with a chilled glass of “You are grounded until you are 40” Vivanco Granacha.

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